the band

The guys recording their new album, "Cracks in the Sky' 

Tenth Mountain Division revives the soul, spirit and eclectic intersection of influences that birthed rock’n’roll, afresh for the modern ear. Just a fancy way of saying that we’re bringing back classic rock, because that’s what we love! Originating from Boulder, CO, founders Winston Heuga (Mandolin) and MJ Ouimette (Electric/Acoustic Guitar) originally sought to create an acoustic bluegrass outfit. After a few years dedicated to playing bluegrass, the duo transitioned to an electrified, rock’n’roll sound. Here they found their stride when Ouimette and Heuga collaborated with bassist Connor Dunn, drummer Tyler Gwynn and the ever-talented keyboard player Campbell Thomas. Together the quintet creates a diverse soundscape that combines soaring electric guitar leads and jabbing keys while retaining its roots in bluegrass with Heuga’s incomparable mandolin style. The rhythmic interplay of Dunn’s driving bass fused with Gwynn’s incendiary drumming round out the unique sounding band that is truly a style of its own; what the band refers to as 'Ski Rock". Tenth Mountain Division has evolved greatly since its inception but retains its roots in the American musical styles of rock, jazz, bluegrass, prog and the crossroads between them all. The band has performed throughout Colorado from Boulder’s Fox Theatre, the Aggie Theatre, Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, Pardee Palooza Festival at State Bridge Amphitheatre. Following the March 2016 release of their debut album 'Cracks in the Sky' the band went on their first national tour leading them through Chicago, Columbus, Nashville and one of jam music's altar festivals, Summer Camp. Following their tour the band headlined the coveted Fox Theatre in their hometown of Boulder. Since, TMD has opened for the likes of influences like Jeff Austin and contemporaries such as The Magic Beans and Spafford. In 2017, the band expanded their Colorado roots with their 'Ski-Rock 2017' tour seeing the band play in many of the state's ski towns, including stops in Vail, Telluride, Durango, Crested Butte and Steamboat Springs for a SOLD OUT Winterwondergrass late night show! The band will embark their next tour, Snow to Sand, going through Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas this spring and will return to Colorado in April for shows at Durango, CO's Animas City Theatre and Boulder, CO's The Fox once again.


Boulder, CO native Campbell Thomas is the keystone powerhouse of TMD that anchors the group musically while stretching the reach of the chain. Classically trained on the piano and percussion throughout the duration of his childhood, Thomas merged the two disciplines to create a uniquely rhythmic style of playing that is the pillar’s on the foundation. Above all, his vocals are equally captivating if not more so and truly rattle the senses when on the mic. Thomas joined TMD in a soft autumn morning when he saw the silhouettes of four out-of-shape yet distinguished individuals approaching; it was at that moment that a lifetime friendship and musical bond was born!

Connor Dunn began his musical voyage in his hometown of Perryville, Maryland. Before the bass guitar became his dominant instrument, Dunn learned to play the drums, piano and fiddle. Shortly after picking up the fiddle a dirt-biking accident left some of his note playing fingers unable to play the fiddle competently. Still driven to pursue music, he tried the upright bass, which he found he was able to play despite his handicap. Connor moved to Colorado for college where he met Heuga and became a co-founder of Tenth Mountain Division. He has since transitioned to an electric bass and continues to supply the thunderous undertones of TMD’s sound.

Tyler Gwynn, a Cape Cod, MA native, started playing the drums at the age of 5 when his parents bought him his first drum set. He started playing live at the age of 8. This continued through high school where he played shows locally and throughout New England. Tyler moved to Boulder in 2012 to study at CU Boulder and joined TMD in the winter of 2013, almost getting them all a noise violation at their first practice together. Gwynn’s unique drumming style sparked the bands transformation from a bluegrass trio into an electric rock band. Although the band still holds deep roots with bluegrass music the addition of Gwynn’s drums added and remains the driving force behind TMD’s music and continues to push the band to new and unique sounds.

As long as he can remember MJ Ouimette has been drawn to music as a fan, musician and writer. Although he began his music training on drums at age 10, the guitar became his dominant and favored instrument shortly thereafter. After years of playing with multiple friends and his father he honed in his attacking yet measured lead guitar sound that fuses bluegrass flatpicking and chromatic improvisation. From ages 12-17 he hosted his own radio program on the local community radio station in his hometown of Vail, CO, Radio Free Minturn. In high school Ouimette met band mate and co-founder of TMD Winston Heuga and began penning what would become the first TMD originals. Ouimette has been an integral orchestrator of the group’s distinct elements into the cohesive whole that you hear today. Ouimette says the band is his life’s passion for music realized and wouldn’t be possible without the members of the band that he considers his best friends.

Hailing from Edwards, Colorado, self-taught mandolinist Winston Heuga began playing when he was sixteen, learning to play by way of jamming with friends and experimenting with progressive bluegrass music. Although he and his future collaborator Ouimette didn’t hit it off immediately, the two struck a chord when they began playing together in high school. Ouimette recalls thinking that he was “too pretty for rock’n’roll.” Their musical relationship formed from performing covers as a bluegrass duo at open mics and coffee shops in the area until they began writing their own songs. When Heuga’s talent for writing lyrics and Ouimette’s ear for musical arrangements intersected the birth of TMD was imminent. Since the development of the bands electrified sound Heuga has taken a less traditional approach to his instrument, unifying an acoustic instrument with the bands classic rock sound. Throughout the progression of TMD, the mandolin has taken the role of the rhythm guitar and helped morph the bands evolving genre.